Alzheimer's World Summit 2023 - FAQ

  • Q. What time zone are the speaker times listed in?
    A. All times are in Central Time Zone (Chicago, IL US)

  • Q. When do the speaker interviews air?
    A. You can view the Summit timeline at:

  • Q. How do I watch the speakers interviews live?
    A. Log into your account: Once you’re in the Members Area, click on the Agenda page link in the top menu. The new agenda will go live every morning of the Summit. Click on the “Watch Here” button under the speaker’s photo. From there you’ll be taken to that speaker’s page. Click on the video to view. NOTE: The video will not play until the specified time.

  • Q. Why does my password show up as ****** in my confirmation email? Is that my password?
    A. No. Your password is the one you created. The system uses *****  to keep your account secure. And it means you already have an account created. Reset your password at the login page if you have to.

  • Q. I lost/forgot my password. Can I still log in?
    A. Yes! Go to the Summit home page, Enter the email address you used to sign up for the summit. Then click on the “Lost Your Password” link. You’ll receive an email to reset your password.

  • Q. What does my Free Pass include?
    A. Your Free Pass allows you access to all recordings as soon as they go live at the indicated time. You have 48 hours to view any you missed.

  • Q. What does an All Access Pass include?
    A. An All Access Pass gives you access to the Summit recordings for your lifetime. There is no time limit on viewing them. Each recording will also have a transcript of the interview. You will also have access to the speaker’s bonus offers.

  • Q. What is a Lifetime Pass?
    A. Lifetime Pass is the same as an All Access pass. The All Access pass lasts for your lifetime.

  • Q. I missed a speaker I really wanted to see! Can I view the recording at a later time?
    A. Yes, with the Free Pass, you can view recordings for 48 hours after they air. If you have the All Access Pass, you can view the recordings at any time that is convenient for you after they air. There is no expiration date. (Click here to purchase)
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